A Real Fat Burning Furnace Review

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  • Website: www.FatBurningFurnace.com
  • Owner: Rob Poulos
  • Company: Zero to Hero Fitness LLC
  • Cost: $39.97 or $69.97 with videos
  • Refund Policy: 60 days unconditional
  • Delivery Method: Digital download for guides, two tools are web-based and the video upgrade is viewed online.
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Fat Burning Furnace Video Review:

Fat Burning Furnace Review Basics:


The Fat Burning Furnace System by Rob Poulos is a 158 page guide on how to lose fat and gain lean muscle in order to look better and also raise your RMR (resting metabolic rate).

That is the ‘furnace’ part, the author talks about how you can raise your RMR so that your body burns hundreds more calories each day, effectively putting you on a diet by that many calories each day without you changing your eating habits.

It is a well written and detailed guide, although slow to start with lots of introduction as to why he believes his methods work so well etc, the ‘meat’ of the system doesn’t start until around page 24, then the information on exercise carries on until page 104, with 105+ concentrating on nutrition.


The author is not fond of extremely long workouts, or even any sort of cardiovascular workouts, so his workouts involve just weights and can be completed in as little as 20 – 25 minutes a day, 3 times a week (2 times a week as you get further in).

The primary focus of the system is on performing a full body workout of specific exercises, but performing them very slowly to maximise the impact they have and concentrating on tiring the muscles out. This also means you only have to do one set of the exercises, unlike the 3 sets most people are encouraged to do, which is what allows you to complete the workouts so quickly.

Exercises are described in detail in the guide, and photos are given to show you what to do, if you upgrade and get the BlowTorch system then you also get over 2 hours of videos of the author performing the BlowTorch routines himself, this is different to the normal routines but does show you how to do some of the exercises covered in the main guide.

The guide has a ‘break in’ routine for those who haven’t exercised in years, then a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout plan that you can work through. The BlowTorch system is like a super advanced workout which allows you to target specific areas of your body, this may be too much for most people and the main guide will give you more than enough to be working on!


The system covers nutrition as well for about 35 pages and discusses what you should be eating to maximise fat loss, why he doesn’t recommend fad diets, and he gives a very simple way to watch what you eat and give your body what it needs. He takes you through lots of common perceptions on nutrition and gives his take on them which made a lot of sense to me (like why you put lots of weight back on after a traditional diet).

You get a sample meal plan for a day and he gives you a site to go to for lots of free recipes you can use.

You also get some planners which you can print out to help track your progress, and some tools like a body fat percentage analyser which is basic but serves its purpose.

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What’s included?

There are 3 levels to the system, Deluxe, Ultimate and then the Ultimate version with the BlowTorch video upgrade.


In the Deluxe package you get the main 158 page digital manual plus you get 3 months of email coaching (an email newsletter).


The Ultimate package is a bit strange as it does not cost anymore…? With this you get the guide plus two online tools – a Metabolic Rate Calculator and a Bodyfat Analyzer. You also get a detailed Progress Tracker for the workouts which you can print out and an upgrade to 12 months of email coaching

As it is the same price as the Deluxe it makes sense to have this one instead!

BlowTorch upgrade

This gives you everything above plus a 21 page digital manual with 7 videos varying in length from 16 – 21 minutes where the author literally does a workout in front of you (in his home gym so the lighting is not great, but the videos are high quality apart from that and you can see everything that goes on).

This upgrade is only if you really want to get serious because you will need to have advanced through everything in the main guide before you can even touch this!

You also get a 60 day money back guarantee provided by their payment processor so you know you have something to fall back on should the need arise.


Fat Burning Furnace Review – The Good & The Bad:


  • Well written and detailed guide
  • Covers the reasons for exercise as well as telling you what to do so you know why the methods work as well as how they work
  • Quick workouts with no warm up required, just 20 – 25 minutes in length
  • No long cardio required, author states that his system gives a better cardio workout than long sessions on treadmills etc and tells you why
  • Access to the author if you get stuck
  • Gives a way to do a limited workout just using bodyweight if you don’t have any weights to use or access to a gym (also useful if on holiday)


  • Mainly about the exercises with some focus on eating right, not exactly a ‘diet’ as much as a weight loss system
  • No videos about the core exercises to show you exactly what to do, just pictures and explanations
  • Exercises require weights which you either need to buy or be a member of a gym to get access to, unless you use the bodyweight exercises which do not cover everything
  • Tries to sell you on a ProGrade food offer throughout the guide which can get annoying



Customer Support

They have a helpdesk to take any queries you have (which you need to register for which is a slight pain), we sent a test question at 22:52 (GMT) on a Tuesday and set it to a ‘low’ priority on the system. We received a reply back 05:59 (GMT) Thursday so with a response time of 31 hours 7 minutes to a low priority request then they deserve 4 stars.

It could benefit from a forum as well maybe for customers to interact and help each other out.


Fat Burning Furnace Review – Overall:

Overall this is a solid exercise programme. It requires consistent effort because you need to make sure you follow the 20 – 25 minute workouts 3 times a week (2 times a week later on), and could benefit from some videos to illustrate the main exercises, but the user feedback is strong and the support is excellent.

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Product name: Fat Burning Furnace
Product Reviewer: Katie Weston
Product Rating: 4 stars


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